[Doggiebox] Zoom In/Zoom Out affects all sections in a dbsong?

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Wed Apr 29 23:19:04 EDT 2015

I feel like this is behavior I haven’t noticed before, but I was just working on a new piece and, whenever I select a give section (or bar of a section) and try to zoom in/out, the zoom seems to affect _all_ sections in the dbsong, whether or not they are even visible at the moment.

This is making me slightly crazy, since I seem to have inserted new bars at different “zoom levels”, so whenever I zoom in or out, ALL the bars/section zoom in and out relative to each other.  I can’t get them all at the same “zoom level”.

Anyone else encountered this?  I feel like it used to be possible to control the zoom of individual bars/sections independently, so I wonder if this is an artifact of some relatively recent OSX update thing ….?


Carl Edlund Anderson

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