[Doggiebox] Doggiebox and macOS Sierra?

Carl Freire cpflists at carlfreire.com
Wed Feb 15 03:17:37 EST 2017

Hey all,

The other Carl here. :-)

On 2/13/17 7:58 PM, Duffy wrote:
> Hi Carl,
> It does.... I think. It boots up. I had found it was freeezing upon me
> after using it for a few minutes back around ~ 10.10 and hadn't seen any
> improvements so I stopped using it. It could be my machine(s).
> Still love it though.
> Best, Jack Duffy

It does launch on Sierra, though I haven't really had a chance to put it 
through its paces yet.  I can say that I had been using version 1.4.3 
successfully as recently as El Capitan.

BTW, I recently (as in--coincidentally--just about the same time Carl 
posted his note!) had an exchange with Ben Kennedy in connection with 
finally upgrading to 2.0.2 and a registration glitch that arose in the 
process (since solved). I hesitate to speak for him, but he did say we 
shouldn't consider Doggiebox to be abandonware--life and work are just 
conspiring against him when it comes to fitting in any work on this 
project (don't we all know how that goes . . . the CD I've been planning 
to release is already a year behind schedule, sigh). Anyway, he said he 
hopes to drop us all a note here sooner rather than later.


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