[Doggiebox] Status?

Carl Freire cpflists at carlfreire.com
Wed Sep 25 01:50:03 EDT 2019

I have a 2009 MacBook that I kept around to run an ancient version of 
Quicken on Snow Leopard (and also Windows XP via Bootcamp so I can play 
the original Warcraft when the mood strikes. :-) ). I'm now also using 
that computer to run Doggiebox.

I also have both GarageBand and Logic Pro on my primary computer. You 
can do a lot with the drum sims on both of those, but, yeah, nothing 
beats the freedom that Doggiebox allows you to vary patterns.

I did a little looking around once, but I couldn't really find anything 
comparable to DB for Windows, either. I haven't looked in a long time, 
though. Anybody know of anything?

On 9/25/19 6:28 AM, Thomas Davis wrote:
> Whats up Dbox folks! I tried downloading doggiebox today on my Mac running
> High Sierra 10.13.6 and alas it doesn't seem to work. I might need to dig
> out the old mac just for the sake of using doggiebox. I'm assuming there
> aren't any planned updates, so I'm curious to know what you guys are using
> these days instead? I have garageband, Logic Pro, and an Akai sequencer but
> nothing beats the interface of doggiebox's musical notation-style...
> On Mon, Oct 29, 2018 at 5:22 PM Larry Felker LAST_NAME <laf6354 at comcast.net>
> wrote:
>> I'm still using and enjoying Doggiebox. I agree, it seems to have stalled
>> out but I've never had trouble using it with Garage Band. I just export it
>> to my desktop and drag it into Garage Band! I'll program a whole song,
>> drums first, put it in GB and away I go! I assume Logic would be just as
>> easy. I've never tried creating my own kit, but may at some point. I don't
>> think I'll ever change unless I see something as easy to use.
>>> On October 11, 2018 at 6:49 AM Carl Edlund Anderson <cea at carlaz.com
>> mailto:cea at carlaz.com > wrote:
>>>      I see Ben out there on Facebook, occasionally, but I think you’re
>> right: good ol’ Doggiebox is not a particular priority these days. I think
>> that’s been true for some time, and I’ve been looking for other solutions
>> for a good while now, sensing that that DB’s days were numbered.
>>>      DB’s ability to customize your own kits and samples, perform fairly
>> detailed editing, and output the audio was pretty amazing, certainly when
>> Ben first brought it out. I think it didn’t take off like it might
>> otherwise have done because, just as it was coming out, everything was
>> transitioning over to DAWs and everything had to be a plug-in as well as
>> (if at all) a standalone app.
>>>      It will probably be a good while before I go over to Mojave (since I
>> don’t need to break all my audio stuff just yet!), but I suppose when I do
>> that will be farewell to good old Doggiebox! <sniff!>
>>>      Cheers,
>>>      Carl
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>>>          > > On 01 Oct 2018, at 07:15, Carl Freire <
>> cpflists at carlfreire.com mailto:cpflists at carlfreire.com > wrote:
>>>>          Hi, anyone who might still be out there--
>>>>          I believe I posed a similar question about a year ago, but is
>> anyone in touch with Ben? I think some of us were already hitting the end
>> of the road with Doggiebox (I still got it to work on High Sierra, though
>> YMMV), but I vaguely recall that with Mojave if a certain "x" change wasn't
>> done then various programs were going to fall by the wayside--Doggiebox
>> among them.
>>>>          We come not to mourn Doggiebox but rather to praise it . . .
>>>>          Well, unless something is in the works, damn good run while it
>> lasted and I hope that Ben is doing well, live long and prosper, etc.
>> (Honestly, mostly at this point I'm just wondering if I should finally
>> unsubscribe from this list . . .).
>>>>          Cheers,
>>>>          Carl (not that Carl but the other one ;-) )
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