[Doggiebox] Status?

Rusty White roojam at me.com
Fri Sep 27 12:45:28 EDT 2019

Logic Pro X, which obviously needs a modern OS like Sierra or High Sierra,... to run, has a fantastic drummer simulation. I either use the sim to craft my drum parts, or I create parts on a workstation pad and use Logic's drum kit sound patches to program and build my own beats. After quantizing my custom parts I'll either use them alone or build a final drum track that is composed of a combination of these parts and the Logic Drummer simulator track.

If working with your own custom pad hits, these can be editing inside the Logic midi editor window to a very high degree. The added benefit to doing it this way is the vast library of custom drum kits that you can choose from to tailor your tones.

I'm not knocking Doggiebox, but the affordable options on the market today have evolved so far beyond DB that its difficult to justify sticking with the limitations of DB.

On September 25, 2019 at 12:50 AM, Carl Freire <cpflists at carlfreire.com> wrote:

I have a 2009 MacBook that I kept around to run an ancient version of
Quicken on Snow Leopard (and also Windows XP via Bootcamp so I can play
the original Warcraft when the mood strikes. :-) ). I'm now also using
that computer to run Doggiebox.

I also have both GarageBand and Logic Pro on my primary computer. You
can do a lot with the drum sims on both of those, but, yeah, nothing
beats the freedom that Doggiebox allows you to vary patterns.

I did a little looking around once, but I couldn't really find anything
comparable to DB for Windows, either. I haven't looked in a long time,
though. Anybody know of anything?

On 9/25/19 6:28 AM, Thomas Davis wrote:

Whats up Dbox folks! I tried downloading doggiebox today on my Mac running
High Sierra 10.13.6 and alas it doesn't seem to work. I might need to dig
out the old mac just for the sake of using doggiebox. I'm assuming there
aren't any planned updates, so I'm curious to know what you guys are using
these days instead? I have garageband, Logic Pro, and an Akai sequencer but
nothing beats the interface of doggiebox's musical notation-style...

On Mon, Oct 29, 2018 at 5:22 PM Larry Felker LAST_NAME <laf6354 at comcast.net>

I'm still using and enjoying Doggiebox. I agree, it seems to have stalled
out but I've never had trouble using it with Garage Band. I just export it
to my desktop and drag it into Garage Band! I'll program a whole song,
drums first, put it in GB and away I go! I assume Logic would be just as
easy. I've never tried creating my own kit, but may at some point. I don't
think I'll ever change unless I see something as easy to use.

On October 11, 2018 at 6:49 AM Carl Edlund Anderson <cea at carlaz.com
mailto:cea at carlaz.com > wrote:

I see Ben out there on Facebook, occasionally, but I think you’re
right: good ol’ Doggiebox is not a particular priority these days. I think
that’s been true for some time, and I’ve been looking for other solutions
for a good while now, sensing that that DB’s days were numbered.

DB’s ability to customize your own kits and samples, perform fairly
detailed editing, and output the audio was pretty amazing, certainly when
Ben first brought it out. I think it didn’t take off like it might
otherwise have done because, just as it was coming out, everything was
transitioning over to DAWs and everything had to be a plug-in as well as
(if at all) a standalone app.

It will probably be a good while before I go over to Mojave (since I
don’t need to break all my audio stuff just yet!), but I suppose when I do
that will be farewell to good old Doggiebox! <sniff!>


Carl Edlund Anderson
https://soundcloud.com/carledlundanderson/ <

https://carledlundanderson.bandcamp.com/ <

http://www.carlaz.com/music.html <http://www.carlaz.com/music.html>

> > On 01 Oct 2018, at 07:15, Carl Freire <
cpflists at carlfreire.com mailto:cpflists at carlfreire.com > wrote:

Hi, anyone who might still be out there--

I believe I posed a similar question about a year ago, but is
anyone in touch with Ben? I think some of us were already hitting the end
of the road with Doggiebox (I still got it to work on High Sierra, though
YMMV), but I vaguely recall that with Mojave if a certain "x" change wasn't
done then various programs were going to fall by the wayside--Doggiebox
among them.

We come not to mourn Doggiebox but rather to praise it . . .

Well, unless something is in the works, damn good run while it
lasted and I hope that Ben is doing well, live long and prosper, etc.
(Honestly, mostly at this point I'm just wondering if I should finally
unsubscribe from this list . . .).

Carl (not that Carl but the other one ;-) )
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